Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need More Fund

Assalamualaikum to all visitors. We are now running short of time. Just another six days left for us to prepare and make the Voluntarily Mission to Sri Lanka a succeed. We are now struggling to get as many sponsor as we can but yet, we are still short of about RM 10,000. Seems like we might have problem if we cannot get the money prepared before the day we depart.

As we are now (all of us) also struggling for our final examination in International Islamic University Malaysia, it is somehow make the move to search for the sponsor quite slow. But then does not mean we dont work out at all. It is just we might have some difficulties in arranging our time between study and searching for potential sponsor. On top of that, we are still believe that we are able to give our full commitment for this mission.

We are really want to make this mission as a succeed! And we need you out there to help us and be part of our success.

If you are someone who concern about the development of Islam, and you dont know how to contribute something to it, this is your time. Kindly proceed your fund to this saving account:

Account's name : Ain Najwa Badrul Amin
Account's Number : 114209614100

We do believe that The Almighty Allah will see your contribution as your share in the Hereafter. InsyaAllah. Thank you for your support and pray for us so that we are able to give our fullest commitment towards this voluntarily works!

All the best, and wish all of you in healthy condition.


Syahrir Azfar bin Saleh

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