Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Latest Progress

First of all we would like to thank all the contributors and those who donated for our Voluntary Mission to Sri Lanka. As for now, we are able to get sufficient fund for the ticket. But for our pocket money, it is still in progress. Hope we are able to have enough pocket money in case of emergency. May Allah preserve us from any problem which may distract our mission there.

Currently, our flight is delayed to the 15th of November due to some technical problem. That is the finalized date and we really hope that there would not be any more delay. We are also indebted to our new Sri Lankan Malay frens, Ameen (MMU) and Ayeshah (Sunway College) for helping us getting much cheaper ticket rate wich saved us RM500 per ticket.

Earlier before, we had made some discussion regarding our mission. Currently, they are here for their studies. Ameen is taking Master in Knowledge Management, while his sister is studying at the Sunway college, taking ACCA (Certified Accountant Course). We had a very great discussion with them and they shared a lot of information regarding the Malay community in Sri Lanka. We know briefly the demography in terms of social, economics, and politics. So far, we know that we have a big responsibility to bring the Malay community in Sri Lanka back to the original teaching of Islam and to the culture of Malay itself. The Malay culture and Islam itself has been blended with the cultures and religions in Sri Lanka.

Besides, we also had a language class with bro Ahmad, a Sri Lankan student who is currently studying in IIUM. We are very thankful to him for being such a helpful person especially when it comes to the basic knowledge about Sri Lanka. Ahmed shared his experience of living as a Sri Lankan Malay and gave a lot of information about his country. And he tought us the Sinhala language. Thus, we know how to greet people of Sri Lanka when we meet them, we know how to count in sinhalese language, and lots of new things. Credit to Ahmed! We will see you in Colombo soon!

The discussion with those Sri Lankan people is mainly on the issues on how we can help or contribute to the Malay society. We would like to leave something useful that can be practiced by the communities once we leave Sri Lanka. Our mission is to grab lots of information about the Malay community in Sri Lanka and find the best way to help them. Especially in the development of their youth. In the future, we would like to bring potential Sri Lankan Malay youths to Malaysia to be trained by ABIM to be a qualified da'ie. These youths will have proper training to develop the practices of Islam among Malay society and preserve the custom of our decent Malay life in Sri Lanka.

This is not a short-term or 'touch-n-go' type of program. This mission has a really big goal in achieving the development of the youth and strengthening the Muslim. So, we would like to have your support, physically and spiritually.

We have two more days to countdown. This Friday we will be having an Induction course with the chairman of Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia, Bro. Jufitri Joha. We pray for Allah's guidance throughout this mission. May Allah bless us and all of the Muslims around the world. Insya-Allah!

Till we meet again. We will be updating our blog regularly. Keep on track with us ok!


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