Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deshabandhu Jezima Ismail

Madam Jezima Ismail

Educated at St. Bridget’s Convent, (Primary to Collegiate)
Bachelor of Arts, University of Ceylon 1955
Master of Arts (Education), McGill University 1966
Diploma in TEFL, University of Sydney 1972

Profession :
Teaching career of 32 years – 13 years as Principal of Muslim Ladies College, Colombo.

Special Interests:
Education (formal, informal, non formal), Women and Children, Religion, Media

Current Positions:
Member , National Committee on Women 2000 to date.
Ministry of Disaster Management & Human Rights

  • Member, Steering Group to draft a New Constitutional Bill of Rights
  • Member , Committee to draft a Human Rights Charter
  • Member, Working Group to study – Freedom of Religion of Belief

Member, investigate and inquire into serious violations of Human Rights
Member, UN National Advisory Group
Chancellor, South Eastern University
Governor, Marga Institute (Sri Lanka Centre for Development Studies)
President and Founder, Sri Lanka Muslim Women’s Conference (SLMWC)
Founder and Chair, Academy of Adult Education for Women (AAEW)
Member, Board of Trustees, Intl. Inst.of War Trauma of Humanitarian Interventions
Founder/member, Panel of Coordinators, Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum
Chairperson, Network of NGOO in the Eastern Province (NESCOD)
Member, Board of Management, Centre for Human Rights, University of Colombo
Member, Alcohol and Drug Information Centre

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